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Mio Wins Consumer Recognition for Promoting Life with Navigation
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After winning the first prize in the navigation product category from the Ideal Consumer Brand Awards 2010 organized by Management Magazine, Mio won again the First Guanghua Mall 3C Best Brand Awards and became the beloved GPS brand of consumers.

According to Mio Asian Sales Director Sheng-fu Liao, ‘After cultivating the Taiwanese market for years, Mio discovered that consumers pay increasing attention to the added value of products when choosing navigation devices with increasingly small price differences. The added values may include how to maneuver around traffic jams, watch movies on the GPS, or how to ensure safe driving with the GPS. With such demands, Mio continues to improve its real-time traffic report services by providing traffic information with the industry-highest coverage. Also, Mio has launched products integrating multimedia functions, such as the Mio Moov V integrated with TV functions and the Mio S605 with AV input, in order to add multimedia features to the GPS. Mio also launched the Mio Spirit intuitive user interface for beginners in order to let new users experience the convenience of life with navigation.'

In order to commend quality IT product brands, Guanghua Mall organized the First 3C Best Brand this year. A total of 1024 consumers and 160 shops voted for their ideal brands during July 1 to July 31. Mio won the first prize in the navigation device category. The prize presentation will be held on August 29.