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Getac Technology Corporation Wins Corporate Excellent Innovations Award from the 18th Industrial Technology Advancement Awards
getac technology corporation

(6 September 2010, Getac Technology Corporation Taipei) The world's second-largest fully rugged computer manufacturer, Getac Technology Corporation, won again the Corporate Excellent Innovations Award from the 18th Industrial Technology Advancement Awards organized by the MOEA. Known as the Technology Oscar Awards in Taiwan, the Industrial Technology Advancement Awards are a government commendation to encourage private enterprises to engage in technology innovation and are highly acclaimed by high-tech industries in Taiwan. In fact, many high-tech enterprises consider the Awards an indicator for innovation self-assessment. This award means a lot to Getac Technology Corporation. In addition to marking out Getac Technology Corporation's achievements in enterprise innovation, it has reinforced Getac Technology Corporation's leadership in rugged computer technology.

An internationally renowned professional manufacturer of rugged computers, Getac Technology Corporation has been promoting its independent label, Getac, in recent years. In addition to aggressively creating an atmosphere for innovations within the organization, Getac Technology Corporation encourages employees to engage in R&D and innovations in order to reinforce Getac Technology Corporation's capacity in related rugged technologies. As a result, it has successfully launched various industry-unique patented technologies to create product differentiation and realize its brand commitments: safe, quality and reliable leading-edge high-tech products.

According to Getac Technology Corporation, the award means the recognition of the efforts made by the operational team and employees over time. In the future, Getac Technology Corporation will continue this innovation spirit and include innovation as an indicator of the organizational performance review in order to enhance corporate competitiveness and to inoculate energy into the brand Getac. Getac Technology Corporation GM Ming-han Huang (黃明漢) will meet with the ROC Vice President Vincent Wan-chang Siew at the Office of the President in the morning on September 7 as an award-winner and will attend the High-tech Night held at the Taipei International Convention Centre on the evening of September 8 to receive the award.

The Industrial Technology Advancement Awards comprise three awards: Extraordinary Innovation Achievements Award, Corporate Outstanding Innovations Award and Corporate Excellent Innovations Award. Nominees are assessed in terms of the following five constructs: innovation in technology/knowhow, innovation in product/system, innovation in process/procedure, innovation in organization, and innovation in strategy; with a focus on the performance in involvement in internal R&D, R&D performance, and R&D management. There were many contestants running for the Awards this year, and many were winners of the Corporate Outstanding Innovations Award last year. After passing a series of strict evaluations, Getac Technology Corporation won the award from 105 contestants and was rated as one of the 25 enterprises with excellent innovation performance in the past year, thus winning the Corporate Excellent Innovations Award, with which its contributions in technology innovation are recognized.