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MiTAC International Corporation Completes World's First Personal Navigation Device PCR
mitac international corporation

A leading GPS product manufacturer, MiTAC Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2315) spares no pain in carrying out its corporate social responsibility in environmental protection. In addition to completing the world's first Personal Navigation Device Product Category Rules1, Getac Technology Corporation has announced this PCR on the GEDNet ( in Sweden as the pilot process for the eco-labeling and carbon footprint disclosure of portable GPS devices in the global GPS industry. This way, related GPS products can complete product declaration with this PCR, and Getac Technology Corporation can do its part for environmental protection.

MiTAC International Corporation has spared no effort to enforce environment protection. Foreseeing the eco-labeling and carbon footprint disclosure trends, MiTAC International Corporation selected the personal navigation device (PND) as the demo product category to participate in the TDP organized by the Department of Industry Technology (DOIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) this February, in order to promote the PND Product Category Rules (PCR). MiTAC International Corporation held two consultation meetings to listen to public opinions and invited domestic GPS businesses, system manufacturers and component suppliers to an expert review meeting hosted by the Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute. After 17 revisions, the final version of the PND PCR was successfully published.

PCR refers to the criteria defined for Environmental Product Declarations Type III2 and carbon footprint disclosure3 and has been developed in countries of the world for years. This PND PCR established according to the ISO14052 International Standard covers energy use, water resource use, pollutant generation, waste generation, air pollutant generation, and carbon footprint disclosure.

According to MiTAC International Corporation GM Billy Chi-wu Ho, ‘With the rise of environmental awareness , people not only express increasing concerns for environmental issues but also promote LHOAS and various green actions to show their love for the earth. Therefore, product eco-labeling will be prioritized in the very near future. In response, manufacturers are paying increasing attention to the importance of eco-labeling and taking aggressive action to improve manufacturing processes to minimize damage on the environment. By introducing the PND PCR, MiTAC International Corporation aims to provide a reference for worldwide GPS manufacturers to make EPD III and disclose the carbon footprint of their products. MiTAC International Corporation will continue its effort in this area in order to do whatever it can to protect the environment and earth.'


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