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Synnex Technology International Corporation Enters Indonesia to Capture Another Emerging Market in Asia
synnex technology international corporation

After successfully launching in China, Australia, Thailand, India and Turkey, Synnex Technology International Corporation has recently launched in Indonesia, the largest ASEAN market, by establishing a 50%-50% joint venture logistics centre with PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk (ME), the largest computer group in Indonesia. In this JV project, Synnex Technology International Corporation subscribed all new shares for capital increase issued by PT Metrodata E Bisnis (MEB), the funds holder of ME. By subscribing 50% of the total issued shares of the new JV, Synnex Technology International Corporation officially entered the Indonesian logistics market, marking its further success in expansion to Asian emerging markets.

With the world's fourth largest population, largest ASEAN country, and one of the few countries with higher domestic demand than export, Indonesia has 240 million people, sitting next to China, India and the USA. Over the past five years, a 24% CAGR was seen in the local IT market. In the first half of 2010, PC output value increased by 50% over the same period last year, making Indonesia the market with the highest PC growth in Asia-Pacific. In the future, the space of the growth of the Indonesian 3C market is promising.

The largest computer group in Indonesia, ME(PT Metrodata Electronics,Tbk) was established in 1983 and listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1990. A member of the group, MEB(PT Metrodata E Bisnis) is the largest IT product distributor in Indonesia distributing products including IT software and hardware systems and commercial products. It chiefly distributes products from HP, Dell, Asus, IBM, Lenovo, Epson, Autodesk, Emerson, and Oracle. With sales locations across Indonesia, MEB has powerful operations and good service quality acclaimed by both original manufacturers and customers. About establishing a VC with Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest IT product logistics group in Asia-Pacific, ME CEO Susanto Djaja noted, ‘Apart from promoting the diversification of product lines, it is more important to learn the management knowhow from Synnex Technology International Corporation in this VC project. This way, we can sharpen our operational ability and develop a better foundation for future development.'

Synnex Technology International Corporation develops its global logistics business with a focus on Asia-Pacific, and with North America, India, the Middle East and North Africa as the wings. In 2009, the scale of Synnex Technology International Corporation's global operations reached US$18.5 billion. In addition to aggressively establishing logistics centers in Asia-Pacific to push business expansion, Synnex Technology International Corporation began expanding its reach outside of Asia-Pacific by establishing JVs in the USA and India in recent years to continuously expand its global territory. Since September 2010, Synnex Technology International Corporation has successfully launched in Turkey and Indonesia. It is the continuation of Synnex Technology International Corporation's expansion to emerging markets in Asia and its step forward to deploy in Asia with 3 billion peoples and the world's largest domestic market.