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MiTAC, MiTAC Information Technology Corporation and National Yang-Ming University sign m-Health Cooperation Agreement creating a positive environment for health care providers and consumers alike.
mitac international corporation, mitac incorporated
mitac international corporation, mitac incorporated

Taipei, May 17, 2011 - The majority of professionals utilizing electronic devices in their daily operations continue to favor mobile technology. The integration of bio-medicine with new mobile technology provides public health care and healthcare service professionals with mobile backup and service models designed for ease-of-use and efficiency.

Today, MiTAC International Corp. (MiTAC) and MiTAC Information Technology Corporation, Ltd. (MiTAC Information Technology Corporation), and a domestic leader in biomedical technology, National Yang-Ming University (Yang-Ming University) jointly announce the signing of the m-Health Cooperation Agreement. Through the integration of three entities—biomedical technology, mobile technology software and cutting-edge hardware technology—front-line health care professionals will be able to operate more convenient and intuitive mobile health care programs. The agreement not only offers an electronic health care system designed for first-line medical professionals in the m-Health Pad, but the three co-signers will combine their expertise with outreach to the public and other members of the international health care community to continue to introduce a rich and complete array of solutions for global mobile health services.

MiTAC Vice President King Chen said: "Over the years, MiTAC has achieved success creating and integrating mobile technology hardware. Today, we are pleased to announce this first step into the professional medical field. MiTAC and MiTAC Information Technology Corporation continue to work together to combine their mobile technology in hardware and software solutions while achieving impressive results. With the development of a domestic leading biomedical research institution in National Yang-Ming University, the domestic medical industry can provide more front-line health care professionals with complete and intuitive operational health care solutions. This also allows our companies to expand operations into other fields of science and hardware technology."

MiTAC Information Technology Corporation Deputy General Manager Scott Miau said: "Since 2007, MiTAC Information Technology Corporation, through the Ministry of Economic Affairs U-Care Projects, has cooperated with a number of medical institutions to provide health care and health management solutions. Over the past several years, we have developed a core technology for remote areas of the health care team, and accumulated rich practical experience and solutions to face the future trend of mobility. We will work in close cooperation with MiTAC and National Yang-Ming University to bring professional vitality to m-Health."

At the signing ceremony, National Yang-Ming University Vice President Hsu Wan-Chih said: "Yang-Ming University is not only an international leader in biomedical technology, health care policy planning and service research and development capabilities; it is also part of a coalition forming the strongest university system in Taiwan. This includes Tsinghua University, National Chiao Tung University and National Central University. Furthermore, the university cooperates with the Veterans General Hospital system, Yang-Ming Hospital (Yi-lan) and other teaching cooperative medical institutions. Because of these professional and institutional relationships in the fields of information and communication technology, as well as biomedical industries in the new healthcare services and industrial development fields, the Yang-Ming team is confident in the decision to form this partnership. Through this joint project, we will strive for the successful establishment and promotion of leading domestic and international biomedical science and technology industrial development models."

The m-Health corporation agreement of understanding was signed as a symbol of three parties becoming the first in their fields of expertise to launch a new and innovative bio-medical technology solution. The three parties will form a long-term, intensive partnership to create new innovations through in-depth research and product development.