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MiTAC Honored with Awards for Intellectual Property Business and Management
mitac international corporation

MiTAC International Corp. (TSE: 2315) received recognition recently with a pair of awards recognizing excellence in intellectual property business and management. Global Views Monthly announced that MiTAC had would received the annual Intellectual Property and Management of Quality Award and the Best Management Force Award for 2012. Under the guidance of the Institute for Information Industry’s (III) Science and Technology Law Institute (STLI) and sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with execution by Global Views Monthly, MiTAC was singled out for having the “best management force, as well as affirming the company’s achievements in the realm of intellectual property over several years.” The official awards ceremony will be held on December 12.

MiTAC attaches great importance to the operation and management of its intellectual property business. The company focuses on four areas: protecting company innovations, prevention and reduction of risk related to intellectual property rights, inventory and activation of intellectual property rights research, and advocacy and research of intellectual property rights issues. By focusing on these four areas, MiTAC was able to develop and perfect its internal operation and system for intellectual property management, thereby successfully promoting its internal intellectual property business. Over the years, MiTAC has accumulated a considerable amount of intellectual property. More recently, the company has strived to activate its assets to protect its business, in particular its expanding brands—Mio, TYAN, Magellan and Navman—to protect its intellectual property rights and reduce potential losses.

Organizers of the Science and Technology Law Institute announced that MiTAC was being recognized for properly configuring its intellectual property management system, representing a complete division of labor, and was able to analyze the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the core technology niche, as well as unfavorable factors and countermeasures. At the same time, the company was able to plan the strategic direction of research and development to support its business model and intellectual property development. Furthermore, the institute said MiTAC developed the appropriate intellectual property strategy, specifying management and application of intellectual property results, as well as the risks associated with response to intellectual property challenges, and therefore was awarded the Intellectual Property and Management of Quality Award for the Corporate Group, as well as the Best Management Force Award.

MiTAC president, Billy Ho, said, "We integrated management policies throughout the company and intellectual property assets in our overseas subsidiaries. We officially implemented a patented electronics platform in 2007. By processing all patent proposals through our e-business model, in addition to the efficiency of paperless business, we achieve better integration of master patent activities of subsidiaries within the group. Through rigorous quality management, auditing and asset activation, we have optimized our patent business and intangible asset management, effectively enhancing the competitiveness of the company's intellectual property management."