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SYNNEX Technology International Corporation Significantly Increases Cooperation with Huawei Technologies by Signing Framework Agreement
synnex technology international corporation

(Reporting from Taipei) After signing their first memorandum of understanding for global strategic partnership last year, SYNNEX Technology International Corporation and Huawei Technologies signed a global partnership framework agreement at the "Global Partnership Summit," officially making SYNNEX the only strategic partner for Huawei in the world. With this partnership agreement, the two companies will provide comprehensive, excellent ICT products and technical services for innovative corporate applications and cloud solutions.

Vice president of SYNNEX, Shu Chuan Tu, said that Huawei is a global leading supplier of ICT solutions, and Huawei's excellent technical skills in cloud computing, storage, enterprise network and UC&C can provide business users with innovative and competitive products. SYNNEX has dense channel networks established around the world and provides Pre-Sale and Post-Sale supporting capabilities for distributors. These features can help Huawei to extend their influence to a wide array of small and medium enterprises. An alliance between two strong corporations will help to highlight each other's strengths and produce a great synergy.

Yueh Ma, vice president of Huawei's Business Affairs Operation Center, said that SYNNEX already has a complete global channel network and Huawei can satisfy the demands for cloud computing, storage and increasing Internet efficacy through the development of mature solutions. In the past, the two companies worked together to connect areas, cultivate technical teams, and sell products through joint markets and managed sales, services and content delivery networks(CDNs) for clients in certain areas. In the future, both companies will work together to create a better partnership and completely connect on the enterprise level, establishing a horizontally-integrated comprehensive agreement mechanism to achieve global business developments with high synergy.

When SYNNEX signed the framework agreement for global partnership with Huawei, not only did it signify the close relationship between the two companies' global operations, but it also demonstrates that SYNNEX's business developments and technical service capabilities in commercial use reached a new milestone. SYNNEX will continue to expand and outline their developments in the global commercial market and actively strengthen business services and channels, creating new opportunities in commercial areas through the mutually beneficial alliance with Huawei.