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Synnex Global Expansion over 20 years with remarkable outcome
synnex technology international corporation

Synnex declares today officially marching into Vietnam Market, and completes its business reach in the world. Looking back to the history of Synnex oversea expansion, Synnex had expanded the distribution business experience into China, Hong Kong and Australia, New Zealand market since 1997. Furthermore, Synnex had invested in Synnex Corporation US to enter into USA, Canada and Japan market. From 1999, Synnex had aimed at highly potential emerging market. For the past 20 years of oversea investment, Synnex has a remarkable outcome.

First, in 1999, Synnex invest Compex in Thailand (later named as Synnex Thailand) at USD 8 million for 50% of ownership. In the past 17 years, the revenue scale has grown 26 folds and the profits has grown 600 folds. Synnex Thailand is the leading largest distributor in Thailand now.

Followed by the investment in Redington of India in 2005, USD 24 million invested for 36.3% ownership. For Synnex, the investment not only is a step to grasp into the South Asia Market, furthermore, Redington has expanded the markets into Middle East, Africa, Turkish market etc. For past 12 years, Redington’s revenue has reached 21 times and 30 times in profit.

In 2011, another strategic alliance was with the largest and most historic information integration service provider in Indonesia, Metrodata, USD 16 million invested for 50% of ownership, the alliance was then re-named as Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”). The growth has been compounded 4 times in revenue and 10 times in profit for the past 6 years. SMI is the largest distributor in Indonesia.

For the expansion in overseas for the recent 20 years, Synnex global revenue has reached more than US$33billion. Beside the growth of revenue, profit and market share, there are 3 companies public listed in US, India and Thailand. The value of Synnex’s ownership has worth more than USD 900 million in the market.

The exceptional investment outcome can be attributed by its strategic investment model and selective alliance partners. Synnex use its domain know-how and resources to enhance the partner’s operating efficiency, management and market perspective as well as leverage of strategic relationship and partnership with vendors. These attributes will also be adopted for the investment in Vietnam in order to build and strengthen the foundation that to fuel the future tremendous growth.

【 About SYNNEX Technology International Corporation 】

Synnex Technology International Corporation (“SYNNEX”) is the largest value-added distribution group of IT, Telecom and IC Components in Asia and the third largest in the world. SYNNEX provides integrated services for the supply chain of high-tech industries through a unique operational model. It has also won the trust of customers and suppliers with excellent service and management. SYNNEX has channels reaching 38 countries and regions in the world and has sales locations in more than 200 world-leading cities in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Middle East, Africa, USA and Canada.

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