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SYNNEX collaborate with Major International Enterprises to Promote IoT Application Services in the Asia-Pacific-India Region
synnex technology international corporation

[Taipei] SYNNEX has put a major focus on deployment in new areas such as cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT) and commercial services recently. SYNNEX has also continued to push forward and expand applications for the IoT. In late September, SYNNEX and Intel held the “Building and Innovating IOT Market - IOT Solution Aggregator Summit” in Taipei. Major system integrators, clients and high-level SYNNEX group executives from the Asia-Pacific/India-Middle East region were invited. Following on from the Summit, there will be a conference in Shanghai, China in early December. These actions demonstrate SYNNEX’s determination in advancing the deployment of IoT application services.

The IoT is the 'next big thing', and one that major international enterprises are competing to deploy. According to forecasts by McKinsey & Company, by 2020 the IoT will have produced US$1.9 trillion in economic value. By 2025, this will rise to US$6.2 trillion. What we have seen in the industry recently is just the beginning. Mobile devices have reached a high degree of prevalence in the past year or two. Also, the technology industry as a whole, and IT infrastructure such as Internet connectivity, cloud services, and 4G wireless broadband are moving quickly toward maturity. These factors have combined to create an advantageous environment for the IoT ecology. As a result, application services related to the IoT are becoming more and more mature. 2017 is being seen as the year where the market for IoT applications really took off. IoT applications have also gradually begun to appear in everyday life, factories, cities and business.

Targeting the IoT market with "service" as the core of its huge business opportunities, SYNNEX is playing an active role as a bridge between vendors and clients. The various SYNNEX group subsidiaries are working hard to expand applications in the IoT. In September, the SYNNEX headquarter integrated all of upper-level business and technical managers from SYNNEX Hong Kong, SYNNEX Australia, Redington India, SYNNEX Thailand, SYNNEX Metrodata Indonesia and BestCom, joined with Intel to hold the “Building and Innovating IOT Market - IOT Solution Aggregator Summit” in Taipei. The Summit invited solutions experts from Europe, the US and Greater China to share their success stories in a variety of settings and areas of endeavor. Examples included testing maintenance, environmental control, retail, smart architecture/living and more. Their successes attracted major SI and clients joining the Summit.

Because of the rather good results of the conference, it will move on December 7 to Shanghai. This will bring in vendors and customers from mainland China who is interested in IoT application services. It should also help them to get a faster understanding of trends in IoT applications, and an understanding of the services that Intel and SYNNEX can provide within the business opportunities created by the IoT.

SYNNEX has wide channel advantages in 39 countries and 300 cities around the world. SYNNEX also has a mature operations mechanism for marketing, intelligent logistics and after-sale service. In addition to offering partner clients opportunities to expand their business internationally, SYNNEX also has capacity to assist clients in extending their current services, through Information Technology System Integrators (ITSI) to Operation Technology System Integrators (OTSI) and through various types of Communication Technology System Integration (CTSI), SYNNEX provides the customer with a complete range of solution for both industrial upgrading and intelligent one. This new business model “ Vertical Application Solution for Marketing the IoT” will bring SYNNEX one step closer to becoming the global sales platform for IoT equipment and technologies.