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SYNNEX forms a strategic alliance with Getac to develop business opportunities in the military, industrial and healthcare segments of the Asia Pacific IoT market
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Synnex Technology International Corporation (SYNNEX) is actively developing new fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based services, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. Recently, SYNNEX has forged a strategic alliance with Getac Technology Corporation, a leading vendor of rugged computers; the two companies have succeeded in breaking into the military, industrial and healthcare markets, and have secured a series of large tenders. Besides being awarded a tender to supply over 1,000 ambulance first-aid systems in Australia, SYNNEX has also secured national defense related tenders in several countries, representing a further step forward in the global expansion of SYNNEX's business operations.

SYNNEX Vice President David Tu noted that Getac Technology Corporation is one of the world's leading rugged computer brands. Getac focuses on supplying military- and industrial-grade products, with a range of applications that includes national defense, public safety, public utilities, transportation, emergency rescue, field service management (FSM), etc. Getac's rugged, reliable, and safe products have proved highly popular with users. With the range of applications for IoT technology expanding to include outdoor applications with demanding requirements in terms of the ability to withstand high temperatures, vibration and shocks, etc., Getac's rugged computers have an important role to play in helping to grow IoT business opportunities.

Getac Chairman Ming-Han Huang noted that Getac has been working actively to develop rugged computing solutions that provide high levels of value-added. Over the last few years, Getac has stepped up its collaboration with leading international IT distributors, and this year it will be making a concerted effort to develop the Asia Pacific market. Ming-Han Huang pointed out that, by leveraging the extensive coverage provided by SYNNEX's dense distribution network in Asia Pacific region countries, Getac has the opportunity to develop more potential customers; at the same time, Getac can also benefit from SYNNEX's localized customer relations management and first-class project management capabilities, as well as SYNNEX's comprehensive logistics and customer service mechanisms, so as to provide end-users with prompt, first-rate service.

SYNNEX Australia recently secured a tender for over 1,000 mobile first aid systems for use in vehicles; this system makes use of Getac's rugged computers. By fitting ambulances with "smart" in-vehicle computing solutions, it is possible for ambulance dispatching centers to ensure that nearby ambulance crews get to the scene of an accident or emergency as quickly as possible; the crews also have rapid access to patient medical records, facilitating the provision of effective first aid treatment on-site or on the way to hospital, and helping the crew to implement rapid diagnosis during the critical first few minutes. The system can also be used to activate emergency treatment systems, further enhancing the overall effectiveness of emergency medical service provision. Ming-Han Huang is confident that SYNNEX and Getac will also be able to rapidly develop the business opportunities presented by the military and industrial market segments.

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Synnex Technology International Group is Asia Pacific's largest and the world's third largest distributor of IT, communication, consumer electronics, and semiconductor products. In 2017, SYNNEX’s accumulated joint venture operation sales it exceeds US$ 36 billion. Its operations and sales channels are spread across 39 countries and regions including Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, the United States, Canada, and Japan. It maintains operations in over 200 major cities across the world. For more information, please refer to the website.