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Shifting global industrial trends, the proliferation of smart handheld products, the emergence big data and the growth of cloud computing have prompted MiTAC Group to devote its resources to transforming business, enhancing our core competence, planning for the key businesses to independently operate in specialization, and to seek a broader development outlook. Therefore, MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC), through a 100% stock swap from MiTAC International Corp. (MIC), was established on September 12, 2013 and listed and traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange under stock code 3706, company code "MiTAC". In the meantime, MiTAC Group was also implementing restructuring to meet the future operational direction of the group. And after, the Group separated the original MiTAC cloud computing business group to establish an independent MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation (MCT) on September 1, 2014.

MCT is the business segment whose core is cloud database and computing equipment. Aside from more than twenty years of ODM industry experience in corporate products such as servers and storage, it has years of customization capability with the TYAN brand and strong business relationships with channel operators and system integration providers. MCT is the only company with the capability to design and manufacture servers across Intel x86 architecture, SPARC architecture, IBM Power architecture and ARM based architecture.

MiTAC’s smart mobile device and cloud service business group, focuses on building an ecosystem to bridge the cloud service and smart mobile devices. By way of the cloud ecosystem of SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) and through user experience with Mio, Magellan and Navman brands, this business group will provide all kinds of daily life information from cloud service through various smart devices’ interface.

Through the strategic transformation of the group will improve the overall competitiveness of the growth momentum in the long run.

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MiTAC Holdings

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MiTAC International Corp. obtained ISO 27001 certification.


Subs idiary, MiTAC Computing Technology Corp., invested in Hyve Design Solutions Corp.


MiTAC Established MiTAC Digital Technology Corp.


Completion of MiTAC Corporate HQ building in Hwa Ya Technology Park in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.


Won 2014 CES Innovations, Design and Engineering Award with Magellan Echo, smart running watch

Mio was elected again as the No. 1 brand of GPS products in the 2014 Ideal Brand in Consumers organized by Management Magazine, Taiwan


Mio MiVue R25 back-view mirror digital video recorder got “Gold Award of IT Month”, and MiVue M300 digital video recorder for motors got “Innovative Products of IT Month” as well

Magellan Echo, the smart running watch, was selected as “Best of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013” and “Best-in-Show” awards

Mio was elected as the No. 1 brand of GPS products in the 2013 Ideal Brand in Consumers organized by Management Magazine, Taiwan

Won iF Product Design Award 2013 with MioCARE A100 professional tablet

Won 2013 CES Innovations, Design and Engineering Award with Magellan SmartGPS

MiTAC Holdings Corporation was established on September 12 and listed and traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange under stock code 3706


Mio was elected as the No. 1 brand of GPS products in the 2012 Ideal Brand in Consumers organized by Management Magazine, Taiwan

Unveiled its First ARM® Processor-Based Servers

Launched Mio Cyclo Series for cycling and fitness user


Won the iF Design Award 2011 with the Magellan ToughCase rugged iPhone case and Magellan eXplorist 710 outdoor GPS.

Won the 19th Taiwan Excellence Award with the multimedia tablet PC-Valinor.

Mio was elected for three consecutive years as the No. 1 brand of GPS products in the Ideal Brand in Consumers organized by Management Magazine, Taiwan.


The first manufacturer to pass the ISO/IEC 20000 IT service process certification.

Completed the world's first PND PCR (Personal Navigation Device Product Category

Mio's "I Love Green City" internet campaign received the iF Communication Award 2010

Mio received the "Consumer's Ideal Brand 2010" accolade from Management Magazine Taiwan

Magellan launched the first outdoor GPS equipped with treasure finding games.


Formed Mitac Digial Corp. in the USA for the North American handheld GPS business

Mio Technology Corporation Signs On to be the Exclusive Global Positioning Equipment Senior Sponsor of the World Expo 2010


Mitac International Corp. makes announcement to purchase the assets of the Magellan Consumer Product Division of Magellan Navigation


In order to leverage the advantages of wireless satellite navigation systems and global market share, MiTAC acquired the Navman trademark from the Brunswick Corporation, the related operating assets and liabilities (excluding cash) and the equipment of Navman Europe Ltd., Naviart Ltd., and Naviart Information Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Incorporated Navman Technology Australia PTY Ltd. in Sydney, Australia and Navman Technology NZ Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand to develop the Information Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

MiTAC acquired Tyan Computer Corporation


Indirect investment of US$4.2 million in MiTAC Research (Shanghai) to strengthen its R&D capabilities and raise overall competitiveness

Indirect investment of US$5.5 million in MiTAC Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to strengthen its vertically integrated capabilities and increase overall competitiveness


Group company - Synnex Corporation of the United States - had its IPO listed on the New York Stock Exchange


MiTAC Technology listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

Won Sun's Supplier Meritorious Award for Outstanding Performance Award from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Built up own brandname - Mio through a series of Wintel based pocket PC and smartphone in the Great China area and ranked the second largest pocket PC supplier in the region


2000 Established MiTAC Kwangshang, the second vertical integrated mega site in China

Formd JDM (Joint Design Manufacture) model to closely develop products in the closest proximity with partners around the world


Invested in Tyan Computer, a U.S. high-end motherboard manufacturer

Established MiTAC Computer (Shanghai) Ltd. to cater for China's domestic P.C. market

Established MiTAC Research (Shanghai) Ltd. concentrating on software development of the I.A. and I.T. products

Invested in Gemtek, marking a formal entry into the wireless communications

Established MiTAC Precision Technology Corp. in Linko, Taiwan

Established CATAC Electronic (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd in partnership with Cadac Electronic Co., Ltd. to produce PCBs for computer manufacturing in China


Formed MiTAC Technology Corp. to supply industrial and commercial notebooks


Singed a strategic alliance with HP and Sun Micro workstation

Took over ComputerLand, a U.S. electronic distributor


MiTAC Shunde began operations in Guangdong, China

Invested in SYNNEX Information Technologies Corp. in U.S. (later in 2003 changed name to SYNNEX Corporation)


Set up operations in the United Kingdom, in response to the needs of the European market


MIC listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

MIC established, manufacturing special notebooks for defense and industrial use


Produced the world's fastest 80386 personal computer


Promoted MiTAC brand PCs


MiTAC International Corp. founded, producing personal computers and develops to a world class computer manufacturer