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As the largest specialist channel group of IT, Telecom and IC Components in Asia-Pacific and the third largest in the world, SYNNEX Technology International Corporation (SYNNEX) provides integrated services for the supply chain of high-tech industries through a unique operational model. It has also won the trust of customers and suppliers with excellent service quality and operational management know-how. To this day, SYNNEX has channels reaching 39 countries and regions in the world and has sales locations in more than 300 world-leading cities in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia ,India, Vietnam ,the Middle East and Africa , USA and Canada.

In addition to maintaining a steady growth in operations, SYNNEX has won recognition and acclaim for its operational and management capacities. Ranked as one of the World's Top 100 IT Channels by Business Weekly of the USA, STIC was rated as the third of the Top 50 Listed Channels in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong by Business Today of Taiwan. SYNNEX has been rated as ‘Most Valuable Global Brand in Taiwan' by world-leading brand valuator Interbrand and as the ‘IT Channel Benchmark Enterprise' in the Taiwan Most Admired Company Survey conducted by Common Wealth Magazine (Taiwan) for several consecutive times.

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Through a strategic partnership with the biggest ICT integrator FPT Corporation in Vietnam, we established the Synnex FPT (Vietnam) and officially entered the Vietnam market.

Investment in the construction of Indonesia logistics center.


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Changsha in China

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Ningbo in China

Launched a tender offer to acquire the total issued and outstanding common shares of Bestcom

Established Synlogics Service Corporation, to expand the development of logistic business


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Jinan in China

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Harbin in China

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Nanchang in China


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Xiamen in China

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Sydney in Australia

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Hefei in China


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Zhengzhou in China


Established a channel joint venture with ME, the largest computer group in Indonesia to officially enter the Indonesian market

Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Xian and Gingdao in China


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Tianjin and Hangchow in China

Re-invested in Arean, the second largest IT product channel in Turkey, through the joint venture Radington Group in India to officially enter the Turkish market as the gateway to the Eastern Europe market


Opening of the Synnex Technology Logistics Centre in Nanjing, Chengdu, Beijing and Shenyang in China


Won the China distribution of Nokia mobile phones and officially initiated the overseas development of the Communication Product Business Unit


Opening of the Synnex Technology Shanghai Logistics Centre

Established the Synnex Technology New Zealand as a subsidiary


Established the Taichung Logistics Centre with a product transportation and storage capacity two times larger than the Linkow Distribution Centre; and increased to 20 service stations across Taiwan

Acquired Yung Kang Enterprise (renamed as Way Chang Corporation in 2006) and Teampo Co., Ltd. to expand the scale of operations of the component business

Invested in the Radington Group of India to expand the territory of operations to India, Middle East and Africa, thus forming the global channel deployment


The first in Taiwan to launch the ‘Drop off tonight and pick up the day after tomorrow!' and ‘Done in 30 minutes' repair services for electronics and mobile phones; with over 10,000 dealers across Taiwan; and distributed over 4,500 electronics products for 270 international brands


Invested in Compex in Thailand and established Synnex Technology Thailand


Established Synnex Technology Australia to expand the channel network to Australia


Invested in Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong to expand the channel network to China


Successfully listed on the TWSE


Became Taiwan's largest computer distribution channel with over 4000 dealers


Opened the Synnex Technology Linkow Logistics Centre


Established the Synnex Technology Taichung


Established Synnex Technology International as a joint venture with LEX of the UK to become Taiwan's largest specialist distributor of computer components and peripherals

Established the Kaohsiung Branch to provide services for southern Taiwan


Established the affiliate Lien Tai Technology as a specialist ASIC distributor in Taiwan

Established the affiliate Carry Hi Technology Corporation as a specialist printer distributor in Taiwan


Introduced the CHIPS ASIC into Taiwan; integrated the distribution of CPU, VLSI and disk drive products; and promoted Taiwan's PC industry development with innovative design as an integrated product and technical support supplier


Operational scale was expanded, the office was relocated, the scope of businesses was re-adjusted, and the computerization of operations began


Became the distributor of microcomputers and printers of leading brands


Lien Tung Electronics Corporation, the forerunner of Synnex Technology International Corporation, was established as a supplier of IC components