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MiTAC Information Technology Corp.

MiTAC Information Technology Corporation was founded in October 2010. Inheriting the spirit of promoting the design and application of microcomputer from MiTAC Inc., the first computer company to introduce microcomputer system in the Republic of China, it commits to providing total solutions and one-stop service to meet all the needs of customers with speed, quality and enthusiasm.

“To win the trust is an honor and responsibility, to take the criticism politely is a wisdom and courage.” This is our persistent faith and long-term commitment to customers. In the future, MiTAC Information Technology Corp. will focus on the system integration business, moving up to the top branding in Taiwan's ICT industry and becoming a world-class system integration provider.

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Integrated solutions for smart cities in system development of transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, banking.


Invested Claridy Solutions (WuXi), Claridy Solutions (Nanjing), Claridy Smart Solution (Beijing) and MiTAC Service (Shanghai).


Increase of investment to Claridy Solutions, Inc. for joint promotion of IoT service within the industry.


Launching of MiCampus Innovative integration and service.


Participation in promotion of “Corporate Cloud” by New Taipei City and “Taipei Cloud” by Taipei City.


Reveals healthcare cloud service for clinics.


Lunched MiCloud Taiwan’s first public cloud service.


MiTAC Information Technology Corp. was established in October 2010, spin-off from MiTAC Incorporated


Undertook the TRA Tunnel Central Surveillance System Project of the Nangang Project; passed the IEC61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 certification

Passed the V1.1.0 certification for the file management information system


Passed the DORTS review to become the specialist contractor for the Taipei Metro ATCS


Became Taiwan's first manufacturer to pass the Level 3 SE and SW certification of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

Won the Corporate Excellent Innovations Award in the Software and Networking Category from the 13th Industrial Technology Advancement Awards organized by the MOEA

Selected by the MOEA as the “Flagship manufacturer (centre plant) in the BEST Project” to lead ships (satellite plants) to enter the overseas markets for taxation and transport systems


Implemented the Electronic Till Collection System (ETC) for highways and established Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. Ltd. (previously Far Eastern Consortium) in joint venturing with Far EasTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (FET), TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (TECO), Systex Corporation, and MiTAC Information Technology Corporation


Established the Shanghai Office in Pudong to enter the Chinese surveillance system market

Founded the Yu Shiu Educational Foundation in collaboration with six companies of the group


Passed the audit of the new ISO9000:2000


Directed the Taipei EasyCard Implementation Project for Taipei City

Established MiTAC IDC Centre


Esablishd EZJit specialized in office automation equipment B2B trade


Designed and developed the Logistics Information Management System (LIMS) for the ROC Air Force

Established Shanghai Asia-Pacific MiTAC Corporation

Established Anjes Internet Information Corporation to provide enterprise website implementation, e-commerce resource integration and application service provider (ASP) services

Invested in Xunfeng Information Technology Corporation, specialized in ERP and SCM system services

Invested in Lienxu Information Technology Corporation, specialized in cash flow informatization services


Developed the set-top box (STB), video on-demand (VOD), web-TV and GPS for the video on-demand conversion system


Developed the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) for the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (Wenhu, Danshui and Xindian lines)


Designed and installed the gas supply monitoring & control system and power SCADA system for UMC, Winbond, Vanguard, and Chi-Mei TFT

Joined to install computers for 368 villages and towns island-wide for the Bureau of National Health Insurance


Franchised by NCC Education Ltd. of the UK to organize the International Diploma Program, thus opening the gateway to vocational education in Taiwan

Established MiTAC (Beijing) Ltd.


Launched a strategic alliance with Westinghouse of the USA

Established the MiTAC Information Education Chain and the franchised school Shenxu


Completed the installation of Taiwan's largest civil switch: the 4000-number Full Digital Switch System of the National Taiwan University Hospital

Began the development and manufacturing industrial PCs to enter the industrial PC market

Established MiTAC (HK) Ltd.


Implemented the world's fastest CRAY supercomputer system at National Taiwan University

MiTAC Communication signed a cooperation agreement with Solid State Systems to manufacture subscriber switch hubs in order to enter the telecommunication market


Established the affiliate MiTAC Communication Co., Ltd.

Established a technical service centre in Europe

Established a distribution centre in the Netherlands

Established MiTAC Computer School

Established the Production Department in Shihlin for assembling PCs


Successfully developed Taiwan's first multiprocessing system

Developed the world's fastest 80386 PC

Established the affiliate Getac Technology Corporation (a joint venture with the GE Aeronautic Business Unit of the USA to distribute and manufacture national defense electronics)

Established MICC in the USA to develop and manufacture communication products, such as high-speed data modems and T1 acoustic echo cancellers

Acquired Wyse Technology of the USA, the world's largest computer terminal manufacturer


MiTAC Xiaogueizhu (小貴族) PC won the Best Product Design Award

Established Synnex Technology International in joint venture with LEX of the UK


Established MiTAC Computer World

Established MiTAC Gmbh in Germany


Established Taipei Office on Minsheng East Road for business expansion


Invented and received patent for the Simplified Chinese Characters input method


Became the distributor of the Westinhouse military computer systems of the USA

Completed the development of Taiwan's first freeway traffic surveillance automation system by integrating computer and optical communication technologies

Built the domestic PC mass production line


Established MiTAC (Japan) Limited

Became Taiwan's first Shugent-authorized manufacturer of floppy disk drive (FDD)


Assisted Yulon Motor in developing the Taiwan's first independently designed sedan Feiling 101.

Launched the MiTAC Information Technology CorporationHantun Chinese terminal

Established the affiliate MiTAC International Corporation

Established MiTAC (USA) Inc in San Jose

Launched the Xiaoshentong English PC


Developed the MIS8000 microcomputer system in collaboration with the Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories of ITRI

Began manufacturing computers at the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Established the affiliate Electronic Data Systems Taiwan

Established MiTAC Information Technology Corporation(USA) Inc


Became the distributor of Northern Telecom to enter the computer and communication market


Participated in the design and development of Taiwan's largest taxation information system for the Ministry of Finance

Launched the second-generation Chinese terminate (CCRT 280) and developed the ALTOS Chinese input system

Developed Taiwan's first hog auction system

Established the affiliate Guanghua Computer Ltd.

Established the Huatong Computer Cultural Ltd. and published Microcomputer Time magazine


Introduced the CAD/CAM computer systems


Invented the world's first terminal in Chinese

Developed the first set of commercial microcomputer systems

Developed the mini Chinese commercial system

Established the independent brand of Taiwan; developed mini computer systems; expanded capacity to industrial control systems


Introduced the first set of mini computer Perkin-Elmer 32-bit into Taiwan to initiate Taiwan's computer training courses


Introduced Intel microprocessors into Taiwan, laying the foundation for PC development in Taiwan

Invented the computerized uniform invoice cash register


MiTAC Incorporated was established and introduced the first commercial microcomputer system Q1 into Taiwan