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Y. S. Educational Foundation

Founded in the end of 2002 with the donation of MiTAC Incorporation, MiTAC International Corporation, Boclh Industrial Gases Corporation, Synnex Technology International Corporation, Getac Technology Corporation, UPC Technology Corporation and Lien Hwa Industrial Corporation, Yu Shiu Educational Foundation (YSEF) is a technology education foundation committed to promoting and developing digital knowledge for industrial upgrade, in order to promote the well-being of human life in the information society.

  • Short-term Stage:
    To promote knowledge management and sharing for enterprises.
  • Medium-term Stage:
    To assist and promote digital content development across the country.
  • Long-term Stage:
    To promote e-learning and e-education to the public.

YSEF promotes its major businesses through short-term, medium-term and long-term stages:

Right at the beginning of establishment, YSEF published the Traditional e-Generation, a chronicle about the growth of early Taiwanese enterprises coping with the policy promotion of the government. Lien Hwa Industrial began hardware trade between Taiwan and China as early as 1945. As the political and economic conditions in Taiwan ameliorated, the public demand for daily supplies increased. From trading foreign exchange with rice in earlier times, the government began encouraging people to consume flour. Lien Hwa Industrial thus entered the flour business and became one of a handful of flour distributors in early Taiwan by following the government policy. The success of the flour business also drove the success of a series of business units, covering the industrial gases, petrochemical and electronics industries (UPC Technology, MiTAC International, Sysnex Technology International and Getac Technology).

Based on the economic development of Taiwan and with the development of MiTAC-SYNNEX Group, the Traditional e-Generation depicts how changes in the era affected industrial development. It also points out the far-reaching effect of each major government policy in Taiwan's economic development. By publishing the Traditional e-Generation, YSEF wishes that this step-by-step effort can continue to record, retain and digitize the history of industrial development in Taiwan. In fact, this is the first step of YSEF's mission: to promote and develop the application of digital knowledge to industrial upgrade.

Y. S. Award Official Website : www.ysed.org.tw