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Synnex Technology International Corporation rated Most Admired Benchmark Company for Eight Consecutive Years
synnex technology international corporation

In the results of the Taiwan Most Admired Benchmark Enterprise Survey 2010 recently announced by CommonWealth Magazine (CWM), Synnex Technology International Corporation was rated as the benchmark enterprise in the IT logistics business for eight consecutive years. According to CWM, in addition to cost, flexibility and speed, the solid management capacity with ‘strict management and resistance to temptation' developed over time is key to the success of the benchmark enterprises in 22 major industries. These enterprises won the recognition of nearly 1,000 experts and competitors for their ability to uphold their management model.

According to the CWM survey, Synnex Technology International Corporation was ranked at the top in all ten rating items investigating IT logistics businesses. Particularly, Synnex Technology International Corporation obtained the highest score in the following items: transnational operational ability, long-term investment value, financial capacity, operational performance and organizational efficiency, and customer-focus products and service quality.

CWM pointed out that the survey this year was conducted on 22 industries affecting the future development of Taiwanese industries among the CWM Top 1000 Enterprises 2010. The enterprises surveyed in individual industries were selected from the CWM Top 1000 after eliminating those with reputational controversy. Finally, enterprises with no loss and with significant revenues in last year were selected. The rating methods were the same as those used by international media. Every selected enterprise was rated individually by ‘competitors and experts' according to the 10 rating items. Then, they were ranked according to their average score in individual items. The expert panel was formed with professionals in the domestic banks, securities companies, investment consultation companies, investment trust companies, CPAs, research institutions, and academic institutions.