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MiTAC Brands TYAN & Mio Demo New Product Line Up
Together with All-In-One PC and Wearable Solution at Computex 2014
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(TAIPEI, May 30, 2014) Leading ICT manufacturing company, MiTAC International Corp. (MiTAC), a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (TWSE:3706), will debut its latest products and services from a cloud computing platforms to mobile technology by its TYAN and Mio brands, client products and wearable wellness technology at Computex 2014, from June 3 to 7 at Taipei, Taiwan .

TYAN to Display a Full Array of Platforms

Targeting embedded, cloud computing, HPC, datacenter and SMB, TYAN will showcase its rich product portfolio supporting the debut of Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 (formerly codenamed “Haswell DT”), 4th Gen Intel Core™ i3, current Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 series processor, and the Intel® Xeon® Phi™.

First Portable All-In-One PC, Maestro 200, and Maestro 980 All-In-One PC with 4K Display Unveiled

MiTAC’s first portable Maestro 200 all-in-one PC brings families together for an array of interactive possibilities. The 19.5”-wide viewing panel allows multi-user connectivity with 10-point multi-touch, making collaborative interaction possible with your family, friends or colleagues. The thin and lightweight design with small-tilt stand and optional battery means it can be used anywhere and anytime throughout your home.

With its 4K panel, Maestro 980 boasts a 23.6’’ screen that delivers ultra-realistic resolution and a vibrant range of colors. Based on the current 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family and the Intel® H97 chipset, this AIO design is also compatible with the upcoming 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family (codenamed Broadwell). The Maestro 980 AIO supports Intel® Ready Mode Technology, which allows the AIO to be “always available,” even when idle.

Mio Presents Its First Combo Series and Award-Winning In-Vehicle Digital Video Recorder

Mio is proud to announce its new Combo 5170, the company’s first DVR equipped with both drive recorder and navigation functionality. This device combines navigation, voice command, drive recorder and speed cam alerts, all aided by a powerful dual-core processer that allows users to simultaneously navigate and record traffic conditions with ease. Mio is also announcing its high-quality MiVue DVR series, which utilizes GPS functionality to provide speed cam alerts and location tracking. In addition, Mio is happy to report that the new MiVue 568 received both the 2014 iF Design Award and was named Product of the Year at the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2014 in Russia, thanks to the device’s innovative touch panel screen design.

MiTAC Debuts MiWELL Wellness Wearable Solution for Balancing Work and Life

MiTAC’s MiWELL wearable solution aims to keep you balanced in work and life by recording, tracking and analyzing your physiological condition, sleep quality and exercise routine. Its industry-leading 2-minute ECG detection and precise physical health index analysis not only measures heart rate, but also tracks physiological age, stress, energy and balance of the autonomic nervous system. ECG analysis and health indexes have been verified through consultation with cardiology and psychiatry professionals, as well as through collaboration with medical professors and researchers at top universities in Taiwan and abroad. MiWELL also provides breathing training to reduce stress and recover energy with a convenient smartphone app.

MiTAC @ Computex 2014

  • Mio and MiTAC MiWELL booth: TWTC Hall 1, A0620
  • TYAN Private Demo Room: TWTC Nangang Hall, 4th floor, Room 449
  • Client Solutions Demo Room: TWTC Nangang Hall, 5th floor, Room 534

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